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Featured Models : Naila Meslem, Adrianna Wolff, Cece Bersch
Photographers : Carl Bullard, Virch Reid, Adam Zivo
Creative Director : Kesi Gibson
The distressed leather NOMAD is a must have working professionals who need to carry a variety of items daily and care about doing it elegantly. The NOMAD aptly named, is also a great carry all for individuals who want to travel light or simply live life on the go. The NOMAD comes in fives leather themes.
This limited edition beauty is made of fine grain Italian leather body and enhanced with embossed Brazilian calf hair. The MAKEDA clutch comes in a variety of combinations highlighting specific leather designs and/or prints. For convenience this clutch has a hidden strap that can be used for cross body.
The mini RAPID tablet wallet is a functional accessory that everyone should own. It is the perfect carrier for your Apple, Samsung or any other tablet device for that matter. Its clever design adds an effortless chic look that can stand on its own. It comes in a selection of designed leathers from deep serious tones to vibrant fun colors.
Style is about self expression, and the mix and match of a variety of elements to create a look. This royal blue distressed leather NOMAD is a statement piece on its own. It is the embodiment of fashion and function. The distressed NOMAD collection comes in five colors which change seasonally.
Truly a majestic beauty the MAKEDA clutch adds another dimension to any outfit. This clutch started with a painting that was reiterpreted for leather, then embossed on calf hair and combined with rich Brazilian textured leather to complete the body. This is a true day to night clutch which is so versatile that you can dress in up or down in a flash.
This limited edition NOMAD is made of rich small grain Italian textured leather, accented with embossed python leather from Brazil. The sotft sea green color highlights the texture and quality of the leather. This bag is great for daily use and is an especially great "go-bag." It has multiple compartments to keep you organized from day to night.
The classic NOMAD was inspired by the cosmopolitan man, who takes the time to seek out nicely fitted suits and other clothing details but is often less aware when it comes to accessories. The classic nomad collection is made from smooth or very slightly textured leather. It is a favourite among our coportate clients particularly investment bankers, VC's and lawyers.
The skinny URBA document bag transforms into a folder over clutch making it extremely versatile. It is great office companion, terrific for carrying papers and files. When used as a fold over clutch it is also very spacious, and securely fits all the essentials for a fashion night out.The window handle puts you in total control, securing your items without thought.
The suede NOMAD is as functional as the other NOMADS with all the same built in pockets to keep all your belongings perfectly organized. The suede collection however was designed with the modern man in mind. It affords you edgy, without sacrificing practicality. This is a favorite for fashion stylists carrying load as well as entrepreneurs, especially tech entrepreneurs.

The World Of Kyu

Inspired by growing up in Jamaica, traveling from a young age, immersed in a fusion of cultures, influences and paradoxes, Kesi brings influences from around the globe to bear on her designs, creating fashion with a human touch and a global soul. She partners with artisans in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mali, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Uzbekistan.
Introducing Naila Meslem. We fell in love with Naila Meslem, for her values, interests and love for the world around her. She represents the conscious thoughtfulness that Kyu By Kesi strives for in everything we do: our materials, our curation, our collaborations with other artists, and ultimately our impact on the world. #NailaOnKyu
Crystal's adventuresome spirit and tenacity represent the essence of Kyu By Kesi. She shares our interest in exploring the unknown. Her determination to pursue her passion parallels Kyu By Kesi's dedication to promoting and celebrating hidden talent around the world. #CrystalOnKyu