The entrepreneurship journey is a difficult one, no matter the industry. For fashion designers and visual artists, that journey is further complicated by the iterative nature of manufacturing.  In this step alone, the dispersion of quality, accountability, and access to ethical manufacturers create insurmountable barriers to entry, for many.  Assuming that the designer is able to get past step one, he or she now has the very difficult task of also matching the manufacturer’s production capacity with the manufacture’s ability to customize production schedules, raw materials and delivery mechanisms to meet the designer’s specifications for market. Layered on top of that are the road blocks in establishing a brand through traditional channels. The level of capital and personal relationships required to establish a brand in the mainstream, and worst a luxury brand, is prohibitive for most designers and even more so for talented designers who lack access to funding and the inner circles of the co-located fashion, media and entertainment industries. Club Debut was born out of the need to not only solve the manufacturing problem for talented, purpose driven, ethical fashion brands and designers, but also to provide an on ramp to market that addresses the A-Z of digital marketing and digital asset management, event production, product debut and product launches.

In many ways, Club Debut is a full embodiment of what I wish I had at my finger tips when when I started out on my KYU BY KESI / KYU MELANGE journey. From the onset KYU brand identity was rooted in fashion for impact / fashion for good. In 2012 before we had a full collection … before the term “slow fashion” became a thing … before purpose driven consumption and sustainability  became part of daily conversations and TED talks, we were working on the framework for sustainable impact and creating the standard for aspiring ethical fashion designers. I personally have devoted significant time and resources working in and with communities, collectives and cooperatives around the world (14 countries today) with artists and artisans who are trying to make a living from their creative talents. KYU BY KESI officially launched during New York Fashion Week in 2015. By mid-July 2017 we had built enough capacity of our own and was now ready to share our platform with other like minded peers. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to carve out Club Debut as its own channel and make it the on-ramp to the KYU MELANGE Virtual Fashion Mall, through which we will create the future of fashion and e-retailing. We recently kicked off our first ever fundraising campaign to develop the framework for this, in which we endeavor to raise $750K.  Feel free to email us to learn more: