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Kyu By Kesi

Kyu By Kesi is a human-centered high-fashion brand, dedicated to creating a new, ethical, age of luxury. WE BELIEVE IN HIGH FASHION WITH A HUMAN TOUCH AND A GLOBAL SOUL.

Kyu means Progress

Truly artisanal luxury. Inspired by a melting pot of cultures & traditions. Rooted in art with a near audible design perspective.
This is Kyu. This is Progress.


Fashion with a Human Touch is not just a tag line. It is a call to action and a mission that is inspired by Kesi's Jamaican heritage, and her deep rooted belief that fashion should support, not harm, everyone along the value and production chain; that it should elevate entrepreneurs the world over, and that it can make a positive dent in the universe.


We believe in denting the universe, one artisan, one artifact, at a time. "I didn't just wake up one day and say 'I want to be philanthropic today.' It's a part of my upbringing. In many ways the conviction and passion I have for Kyu is at times both a challenge and an opportunity. I absolutely want abundant success; but I want to take the scenic route... where my vision for humanity, my professional aspirations and creative passion co-exist with authenticity."
Founder/CEO ~ Kesi Gibson


Our curation is global. Kyu By Kesi is inspired by Kesi's growing up in Jamaica and traveling from a young age, immersed in a fusion of cultures, influences and paradoxes.  Kesi brings influences from around the globe to bear on her designs, creating fashion with a human touch and a global soul. She currently partners with artisans in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mali, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Uzbekistan to create inputs and complements to express her point of view.


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