Not too long ago, while on a sourcing trip in Jaipur, I encountered a color-blind color pattern maker. I know what you are thinking. The irony of this was not lost on me either. I stood in awe of the beauty this woman created. Beauty, not just in the extravagance of the abstraction, but also in the moments and mini-moments as the colors were fused and transformed while suspended in the air. This was one of those tiny, seemingly ordinary experiences that added something inexplicable yet profound to my point of view.


Color in Motion captures the essence of Kyu By Kesi Summer 17 Wearable Art Collection. The collection incorporates energy and emotion expressed through abstract art. Kesi’s visual art is brought to life on the canvas-like surface of the intricately designed functional and fashionable accessories, for both men and women. The color palette is vibrant and magnetic, exuding positive vibrations while enhancing the beauty, presence and individuality of you.

It’s personal. STYLE.