The BODEGA Collection features original hand-painted art.
Limited by design, artful in.difference, the collection exudes contemporary sophistication, expressing “street style” with elegance and poise.

Irma & The Bodega; Total Recall

What Inspires You?

What inspires you?

On the surface it’s such a simple question.

It’s a question I’ve been answering as it relates to Kyu By Kesi for almost three years; all the while feeling apprehension. Apprehension because the words rarely capture the depth of the fusion of experiences, emotions, interactions and encounters – through space and time.

” To keep on doing what I’m doing, to grow the brand slowly and keep it mine – that’s the end goal. Somewhere there’s someone, hopefully, who will fall in love with a piece and that makes it all worth it.”

Lost In The Moment

I was recently stuck in Miami during hurricane Irma. The first and only time I experienced a hurricane like this one, I was child in Jamaica. The hurricane was Gilbert. Speaking of inspiration, ever wondered what originally inspired these hurricane names and the six year rotation? That aside, while I sat in the apartment alone, with no place to go, with no electricity and no internet, I occasionally looked out the window, subconsciously listening to the rhythmic sound of the wind and rain against the concrete. My mind drifted. When I came to, I was thinking of the Bodega, and how similar it is in every country. Maybe it was the subconscious craving I had for a smoked turkey, avocado sandwich, so expertly and passionately made by Issac at Nadal Bodega on 138th Street & Broadway, in Harlem, New York. Perhaps.

“Everywhere I’ve been helps me discover another piece of myself that I didn’t have access to before. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot and meet new people. The smallest details can spark the desire to create something.”


As if to leave the fear and drudgery behind, I clinged  to the visual impression / art of the Bodega. I contemplated the image of the Bodega, fixated on the external walls for the duration of the hurricane. When Irma passed, I emerged unscathed, with a clarity and creative vision, singularly inspired by the Bodega.