I was recently quoted as saying,  “we can’t put morality on people… on artists…. that we don’t put on ourselves.” I think it was Jay-Z who said this on track.  Culture and society continue to influence art, art continues to shape individuality, and the context of consumption continues to be dictated by conductors of influence.  It has been this way since my mother was a child.

Urban art,  in it simplicity and grittiness, unearths beauty. Of course, not everyone can see it, or sees it this way.  As a lifestyle designer, I live for the creation and enjoyment of art, as well as human connection.  Nevertheless I am increasing frustrated with the one-dimensionality, and prescribed boxes that I’m often forced to check.  So at some point along the way I decided to stop checking boxes.

It took me a while to get on my own path. After all, when formally entered the world of fashion and art, I did what most emerging designers did, I followed the rules and guidance of “the majors.” I checked all the boxes. Nonetheless, I didn’t feel the fulfillment I was expecting to feel. So I jumped.

Competing in the world is and will always be extremely difficult.  I’ve never had and probably will never have the right internal support system. All that I have achieved, I have from mostly self-reliance, my work ethic and my persistent expectation that things will always work out. Maybe my own self-determination, pure talent and business acumen will be enough… maybe. Regardless, I do believe in destiny and I’m going all the way.

I will never settle for a lesser version of what I visualize for Kyu By Kesi or a lesser version of who I am meant to be in this world.