I developed a passion for art and fashion pretty early, working by the side of my mother who was also a private label designer/exporter and a true artist. I actually started with special occasion ready to wear clothing, professional dresses and casual attire. That said, bags and shoes made up about sixty percent of my mother’s business, so I had a lot of experience in this realm during my formative years. When I realized how extensive and costly the prototyping process was for clothing was, I decided that it would be more prudent to enter the market with accessories and gradually enter ready-to-wear after establishing a top-notch infrastructure.

Kyu By Kesi is a human-centered, high fashion brand,  dedicated to creating a new ethical age of luxury. At the core of Kyu By Kesi are the artisans with whom we work.  We express fashion with a global soul that highlights and re-purposes historic traditions for today’s context. We believe in high fashion with a human touch.  This is not just a tagline. It is a call to action and a mission inspired by my heritage and my deep rooted belief that fashion should support, not harm , everyone along the value and production chain; that it should elevate entrepreneurs the world over, and that it can make a positive dent in the universe – one artisan, one artifact at a time. Through the Melting Pot Movement, we make the invisible hands or fashion visible to the world. From concept to consumption we focus on  the artist, the artisan, the wearer. This is Kyu By Kesi. This is Progress.

The Art andHeart of It

Kesi Gibson @iamkesikesi

Model: Tatyana Soboleva showcasing Kyu By Kesi Summer 17 PERI Tote from the Wearable Art Collection.

Photographer: Carl Bullard.
Talent Curator: (no)TheName.

Designing is only about 30% of the business. The remaining 70% is about business and financial management, sourcing logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and branding, collaborations and partnerships, and human capital management.  It’s a tough business and people keep reminding you of this without fail. However, if you have the right elements of the above, some luck and a whole lot of determination and resolve you too will achieve success.  For your sanity and to manage your emotional health, if you have any ideas or expectations about how much support you will get from people around you, remove those now. Expect nothing. Be grateful for everything. Be ready to be surprised by the kindness of strangers. Be open to the universe. Create your own bubble – a resting place (mental and or physical ) to retreat to when the noise from the world starts obscuring your inner voice. Above all, when the going gets rough try to remember that everything starts with your consciousness. For the most part, it is all up to you.

I will never settle for aa lesser version of myself,or who I was meant to be in this world,and neither should you.Embrace your freedomThe Freedom to consume yourselfwith the things you truly believe in.

Maybe my own self-determination, pure talent and business acumen will be enough… maybe. In Kyu By Kesi, I have found myself — not in some coming-of-age hippie way involving pasta and ashrams— but in a way that helped me draw my own line in the sand for what matters and what doesn’t.

I am free.