Setting a new pace in Ethical Luxury - The New Age of Luxury.

KYU BY KESI is dedicated to “Putting Humanity Back into Fashion.”
Kesi’s hands on conscientiously curated approach to globally sourced raw materials  coupled with the brands expressed commitment to positive social impact = win win.


High fashion with a human touch ...

Fashion with a Human Touch is not just a tag line. It is a call to action and a mission that is inspired by Kesi’s Jamaican heritage, and her deep rooted belief that fashion should support, not harm, everyone along the value and production chain; that it should elevate entrepreneurs the world over, and that it can make a positive dent in the universe.


... and a Global Soul.

Our Curation is Global. Kesi brings influences from around the globe to bear on her designs, creating fashion with a global soul. She currently partners with artisans in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mali, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

We celebrate the beauty of the artist as well as its wearer. From conception to consumption, KYU BY KESI focuses on the artists and artisans who inspire, create and craft Kesi’s designs.


Denting the universe, ONE artisan, ONE artifact at a time.

By curating raw materials from countries as diverse as Uzbekistan to Senegal and India to Colombia, KYU BY KESI supports local communities in tangible ways. Kesi champions and celebrates local artists and artisans, and contributes to the advancement of their economic aspirations beyond local street corners. She meets the artisans where they are. She tries to preserve the culture and traditions of the country in question. She encourages the artist and artisan to express what they love; something that is rooted in, and critical to, their communities.

“I didn’t just wake up one day and say ‘I want to be philanthropic today.’ It’s a part of my upbringing. In many ways the conviction and passion I have for KYU is at times both a challenge and an opportunity. I absolutely want abundant success; but I want to take the scenic route… where my vision for humanity, my professional aspirations and creative passion co-exist with authenticity.” – Kesi


We make The Invisible Hands of Fashion™ visible to the world.



Jamaican born designer Kesi Gibson grew up in the world of fashion. She has been an understudy in her mother’s fashion business since the age of nine. Her path to declaring fashion a career choice (versus a part time hobby) has been a meandering one, informed by the typical artist dilemma. She has always been observant of the economic challenges of creative professionals, especially women, who struggle to make a living from their artistic talents.
Her formal career has been in the investment banking arena, where she’s worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan and Veronis Suhler Stevenson (Private Equity). She earned her BA in International Relations & Economics from Mount Holyoke College, and MBA from The Wharton School. The essence of the KYU BY KESI which translates to ” Progress By Kesi” is a dynamic reflection of Kesi’s personal and professional journey. She is determined to pave dynamic paths to financial success beyond local street corners, for artisans around the globe, and has a social focus bent on eradicating the celebrated phenomena of the “poor struggling artist.”
Through KYU BY KESI social impact arm “The Melting Pot Movement” KYU BY KESI has partnered with The Impossible Dream Project, whose goal is to create possibilities for people with disabilities, using water and in particular the ocean as a vehicle of empowerment.


Kyu means Progress.